Cheezy broccoli pasta

Cheezy broccoli pasta

Dishes like this are definitely my ‘go to’ for a cosy, quick & tasty lunch. Have you realised that 99% of my lunches consist of pasta? It’s just so convenient and the possibilities are endless so it never gets boring to me.

When I first became vegan (years ago now), I really did not enjoy vegan cheeze at all so I always veered away from using it to create cheezy sauces. Enter the ultimate gift from the Gods that is Nutritional Yeast [insert heavenly sound effect here]. This became my BFF and is still something I use almost daily.

In my early vegan days, I remember stumbling upon a bunch of vegan cheeze sauce recipes, using ingredients I’d never have thought to use in this context so I was extremely intrigued. Most of these called for either potatoes & carrots as the base (yes, really!) or cashew nuts and every recipe also included that golden love dust (Nutritional Yeast). In typical Natalie style (i.e. never following a recipe), I looked at several different recipes for inspiration, combining a few main ingredients and that became the base of how I make a quick cheezy sauce.

I always change things up depending on what ingredients I have at the time and I don’t usually measure so quantities always vary but I endeavour to make a proper recipe for this. For now though I’ll share the gist in case you fancy trying it too.⁣ Most of the ingredients you’ll probably already have at home, unless you’re new to Nutritional Yeast… but in that case I’d definitely recommend buying some and trying it out. Years ago, I had to buy this online (or in specialist health food stores) but now it’s easily picked up in supermarkets (I get mine from my local asda).

Easy cheezy sauce

Blitz the following ingredients in a blender:
Boiled potatoes ⁣
Boiled carrots ⁣
(I like a ratio of 3:1 potatoes:carrots so on this occasion I used around 300g potatoes & 100g carrots)
Handful of cashews (pre-soaked if you’re not using a high speed blender)
Squeeze of lemon juice or splash of apple cider vinegar⁣
LOTS of nutritional yeast ⁣
Pinch of salt ⁣
Pinch of pepper ⁣
Tsp smoked paprika ⁣
Tsp onion powder ⁣
Tsp garlic powder ⁣
Or you can use fresh onion & garlic (cooked with your potatoes & carrots)⁣
A few glugs of plant mylk to blend (add more as required) until the desired consistency is reached. I personally like it quite thick.

I often add in jalapeños or chilli flakes or dijon mustard. It’s never exactly the same and that’s the beauty.

I definitely do plan on writing up a proper recipe for this but my advice as always is to experiment and choose your own adventure.

On this day I added my cheezy sauce to cooked pasta and roasted broccoli, topped with some pumpkin seeds and chilli flakes.

Bon appétit!

Lots of Love