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About Me

Hey, I’m Natalie. Welcome to my little corner of the internet and welcome to my life. I’m a 28 year-old Scottish girl with a passion for all things ethical and cruelty free. I share my life with my fiancé and our (fur)baby Harley.

This blog will be all about living an ethical, compassionate, cruelty free lifestyle and living a happy/fulfilled life. I hope to share with you the ways in which I live compassionately (including showing kindness and compassion to myself, those around me, the planet and the other beings we share this Earth with) and how I cultivate joy and happiness through the simple things in life.

I’m a massive foodie (if you follow me on Instagram, you will already know this) so I love creating recipes, cooking, baking and eating copious amounts of delicious vegan food. There’s a lot more to me and my personality than just food though, so I wanted to give myself a creative outlet for my other passions in life, including:

  • Positive mental health & well-being
  • Spreading kindness
  • Self-love & self-care
  • Taking care of the environment
  • Holistic wellness
  • Travel
  • Veganism & showing compassion to animals
  • Cruelty-free beauty
  • Planning my wedding

Within this space, I intend on sharing my life and experiences and hopefully help others to lead more compassionate lives, cultivate happier healthier minds/lives and better relationships with themselves, as well as sharing lots of yummy vegan eats along the way.

I hope I can bring you some value!

Lots of Love