Kindness Calendar

Well 2020 has been a strange year to say the least.

We could all use a little bit of Christmas cheer and there can never be too much kindness in the world, so I thought I’d make my own version of a Kindness Calendar. One kind act or deed per day throughout December until the end of the year.

I was inspired by similar ideas I’ve come across over the past couple of years (mostly in an Advent Calendar style from the 1st until Christmas Eve) but I thought I’d extend this one right up until New Year’s Eve (or Hogmanay if you’re Scottish like me) to have a full month of kindness.

I’m going to make short blog posts to elaborate and delve a bit deeper into the acts of kindness I feel I could expand upon and also to give some examples of ways to incorporate this small act into your day. I’ll also be sharing what my act of kindness looks like each day on my Instagram stories.

These acts of kindness/good deeds are mostly completely free (or can be adapted to be completely free). Because kindness costs nothings after all.

I’ve also made a blank version/template in case anyone fancies having a go at making their own and choosing their own acts of kindness. This would be a lovely activity to do with little ones too.

Kindness Calendar

Are you going to join me? I hope you do!

If you want to encourage more kindness, then share this calendar with others.

Lots of love

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